Welcome to Midnite Moon Ocicat Cattery!
We are a small TICA and CFA registered cattery located in Ohio.

About Us:

My children and I fell in love with this breed at a CFA show while looking for a cat for our family. Out of hundreds of cats at this show my two young children both agreed on a solid chocolate Ocicat my children named Mikey. My family had never owned a pedigreed cat before and my daughter became interested in being able to show her cat in a cat show. Because Mikey had a white locket he was able to be shown only in the Household Pet Division. And so our journey began.

We enjoyed all the cat shows and the people that we met along the way and after a year of showing Mikey my daughter decided that she would like to show in the Premier class of CFA. Her dad made her a deal; if she would work and earn the money for a Premier and her entry fees he would help with the other expenses. So she found a job delivering newspapers and face painting at our local street fair to earn money for her cat Jeran.

This Ocicat is a chocolate spotted boy that my daughter and I both enjoyed showing in the tri-state area. He earned his Grand Premier title while at the CFA show in Ann Arbor, Michigan and soon after became a retired house cat. He now spends his days laying in the sun and playing with his housemates while he waits for Maren to come home from school.

About Ocicats:

The Ocicat is a spotted cat originating from interbreeding of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair. It is the only spotted domestic breed selectively bred to emulate the cats of the wild.

The ideal Ocicat is a large, active animal with an athletic appearance. It is very solid and well-muscled and has a short, tight coat with a satin sheen that shows off muscles and spots to their best advantage.

While the Ocicat looks wild its temperament is not. They are easy to keep and require no special care. Their diets are the same as any domestic cat and their short coats need only the occasional bathing and grooming. They are not prone to any particular health problem and their broad genetic background gives them vigor and vitality.

Ocicats come in many colors and at least all those colors associated with the three foundation breeds: tawny, chocolate, cinnamon, blue, lavender, fawn, silver, chocolate silver, cinnamon silver, blue silver, lavender silver and fawn silver.